Welcome to Northlea

As a community of the United Church of Canada, we acknowledge, with respect, the history, spirituality, and culture of the Mississauga peoples who came to this place long before us, and our responsibility for the territory wherein our church resides.

At Northlea United Church you will meet children and seniors, parents and teens, young adults and grandparents, expressing their faith in various and wonderful ways. In 2015 the community re-articulated their purpose and developed a new Mission Statement to inspire our many gifts and passions and guide us in sharing them in life-giving ways.

We encourage each other as we:
Love God – each of us will describe what this means in different ways because each of us has a unique relationship with the divine. As we hear each other reflect on what this means and how we live out this intention we are all enriched and inspired. The gospel of Jesus gives us profound insight and wisdom as we cultivate this precious and intimate relationship.

Connect with others – we embrace the benefits of being together in community, caring for each other in times of difficulty and celebrating in the joys and blessings that our abundant life brings. We are committed to connecting in loving and respectful ways, opening ourselves to growing and learning how to be the face of Christ in a sometimes lonely and difficult world.

Nurture the spirit – we nurture the spirit in all that we do, enabling each other to explore the depths of our hearts and to create experiences that are both fulfilling to us, and life giving to others. There are many ways to care for and nurture the human spirit and we are open to exploring these in new and traditional ways.

Serve the world – we acknowledge the abundance that has been entrusted to us and seek ways to share our many gifts to empower and animate Christ’s mission for peace, justice and love in the world. Whether responding to a neighbor in need or welcoming refugees in search of safe haven, it is our hope and our longing to be a revelation of love and kindness in our community and beyond.

Each aspect of our mission is integrated into the whole of our community life at Northlea. It is our hope that the realization of this mission will include you and your hopes and dreams. We welcome you be involved in whatever way is most meaningful to you and encourage you to share your vision and ideas. Let us know how we can connect with you, nurture your spirit and help you serve the world.

We welcome you to come and share the journey!

Lee-Ann Ahlstrom

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