Weddings, Funerals & Memorials


At Northlea United, weddings celebrate, acknowledge and affirm the relationship of love and commitment between two people. All couples looking to be married, whether affiliated into Northlea or not, whether seeking to be married inside the church or not, are welcomed and invited to be in touch with the Minister to talk about their hopes and preferences and plans.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Funerals and Memorial Services through Northlea are guided by the understanding that each is a celebration of life. The loss of someone we love is always painful, and often the circumstances of death are inexplicably tragic and hurtful. And yet, as a Christian communion, there are things we always can confirm: it is never death, but life that has the final word; that God takes over when we can do no more; that God knows our pain, and understands, and weeps with us when we weep; that every person gives a legacy to life; that every life is loved and valued, and never can be deemed outside God’s love; that death is but the limit of our sight and that life, uniquely found in spirit and in soul, continues after death, because God loves us.