Walking the Labyrinth

Invitations to walk the labyrinth are typically posted in Northlea United’s Newsbites weekly online newsletter or on the website. At Northlea, labyrinth walks are typically held once per month during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons and have themes associated with them. Guided group walks are led by a facilitator and usually take about 1 – 1 ½ hrs. There are also opportunities to walk alone during the hour before and after the guided group walks. Walks are held in the Community Room and may include some of the following activities depending on the theme and focus for the evening:

poetry, scripture or other readings
silence and reflection
music and singing
collaging, colouring or other artistic self expression
gentle movements

Participants are welcome to join in as much or as little as they feel comfortable and able. For people who have difficulty walking we provide printed labyrinths that can be traced with your finger, or coloured, depending on your preference.

Please be in touch with us if you are interested in renting our canvas labyrinth for your retreat or event. And depending on dates and times we may also be able to provide you with an experienced facilitator. lee-ann@northleaunited.ca

New to the Labyrinth?
For additional information about walking the labyrinth and its use as a tool for spiritual nurture and enhancement feel free to explore the following website. https://www.veriditas.org/New-to-the-Labyrinth

Invitation to Walk the Labyrinth
Welcome. Here a few suggestions which may be helpful for your walk:

  • Stand at the entrance of the labyrinth and allow yourself time to collect your thoughts. You may wish to say a silent prayer or a mantra. When you start to walk allow space between you and the person ahead of you.
  • Walk the labyrinth at your own pace. Feel free to pass others. Feel free to stop if you wish.
  • Follow the path to the centre. Allow your mind to quiet as you walk.
  • When you arrive at the centre stay as long as you wish. Listen for any insights that may be there waiting for you.
  • When you are ready, follow the same path back out. Reflect on any insights you may have received.
  • Remember that the path is a two-way path. When you encounter people walking in an opposite direction you may wish to step aside and let them pass.
  • Please remove your shoes before walking.

After your walk, if you would like to discuss your experience, please feel free to talk to a Labyrinth Team member.