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Ponderings… January 12, 2018

UPDATE on Strategic Visioning Project (Merger Phase 2)

January 10 2018 Update
From our consultants
We are planning to host a Community Roundtable on the evening of January 24. The purpose of the roundtable is to start building relationships with other community organizations and community leaders in North Leaside, to let them know about Northlea United Church and to see if there are opportunities for us to collaborate with others in providing services, programs and facilities in the North Leaside community. A draft agenda, logistics plan and invitation list have been developed and are currently being reviewed by NUC Steering Committee members. The Osborne consultants will facilitate the meeting and NUC volunteers will take on the organizing and hosting responsibilities.

A number of organizations have been contacted to discuss opportunities for collaboration and possible attendance at the Community Roundtable. These include SPRINT Senior Care, City of Toronto Employment and Social Services, Bellwood Health Network, Holland-Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Councillor Jon Burnside, our tenants Maria Montessori School and Pawsitively Pets and NUC facility users such as Girl Guides and DASH. The response has generally been positive, and a number are interested in pursuing the discussion with NUC. We have also reached out to a number of other organizations and are awaiting responses.

Further thoughts from Lee-Ann

Our merger has given us the opportunity to really consider how we can truly be “In the community, for the community”. It’s a time to explore our potential to provide an authentic Christ-like presence in North Leaside. When it comes to discerning/deciding a direction for the future, dialogue is key, or more importantly, listening. Listening for the Spirit involves asking good questions and really taking the time to listen to what the needs in our community are. This is our current task and if done to the best of our ability, we shall find the path forward that will give us a new sense of life and hope. What are the issues that those in our neighbourhood are struggling with? What great work is already being done in our neighbouring institutions and organizations that we can support? How will we go forward with our own spiritual practices to nurture health and hope for ourselves, and our community?  How can we build relationships outside our walls that allow the secular community to encounter our church as a relevant, meaning and essential part of the whole community?

As we consider all this, I invite you to watch Paul Born’s 2 Minute video, Deepening Community with Chicken Soup.

Enjoy Deepening Community with Chicken Soup

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